Meal Kit Delivery FAQ's:

Is my personal information safe?
Yes. We use the highest level SSL encryption technology to secure all of our customer data.
How do I Cancel my subscription?
You can skip deliveries or cancel at any time directly from your account! Just log in and click on Account Details > Subscription Status > Edit. You'll see a button to cancel subscription which will cancel your account.
How do I skip a delivery?
Skipping a week is easy! Following receipt of your first delivery, you may elect to skip any week's delivery for any reason and as often as you want. To skip a week, just log in to the "My Account" area and click on Manage Deliveries. Click on the Skip button at the bottom of the week(s) you would like to skip and you're done! Accounts are billed weekly and if you wish to skip an upcoming delivery, you must do so before the weekly cutoff on Wednesdays at 11:59 PM EST.
Is there a minimum Subscription length?
No, there is no minimum length and you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime before the weekly cutoff Wednesdays at 11:59 PM EST.
How many meals are included with each delivery?
Our boxes include everything you need to cook 2,3, or 4 meals. You decide on the number of servings.
Do you offer plans for vegetarians?
Yes! We are able to substitute any of the meat proteins for vegetarian ones each week. To see what is available just visit our weekly menu page and take a look at the recipe images. To choose a protein substitution, log into your account after you sign up and click on customize.
When will I be charged?
Once you sign up for your Chef Ami box you will be charged right away. For all following deliveries you will be charged the Thursday before your next delivery. If you make a change to your first order that results in a price change the difference will be charged or refunded on Thursday morning the week prior to delivery.
What if I'm not home when you deliver?
No problem! Our food is specially packaged with insulated liners and gel packs to keep it fresh and cool until you get home. Our delivery driver will generally leave your box at your door in a shaded and covered area if possible. You may include special delivery instructions in the notes section when placing your order or from your account.
Should I throw away the box and packaging?
Our boxes, egg boxes, foil liners, and gel packs are reusable and we ask that you place them outside for us to pickup when we deliver your new box of fresh ingredients. Most of the other packaging you receive is 100% recyclable. We believe in reducing waste of both food and our natural resources. Please help our efforts by reusing and recycling!
How are the ingredients packaged?
We deliver everything in refrigerated boxes that will keep your food cool for 12 hrs. We reuse our boxes, insulation, and gel packs and ask that you leave everything for us on your porch each week so we can use it for another delivery.
How much is delivery?
Delivery is and always will be free!
Where do you deliver?
We are always working to expand our delivery radius! Enter your zip code below to see if we deliver to your area. We also offer various pick up locations.
When do you deliver?
Orders made before Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST will be delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your zip code. Deliveries are made between 10:30AM - 5:30PM, and come in a refrigerated box in case you aren't home to receive it.
What happens if the box gets stolen?
If you are not home to receive your delivery on the scheduled date, we will leave the box on your doorstep. After delivery of your box, Chef Ami assumes no liability for stolen or missing boxes. If you believe there is a chance your delivery may get stolen please make sure you are home to receive it or that you include special instructions on where to leave your box. to reduce this risk.
Are your ingredients organic?
Many of the farmers we source from focus on organic and sustainable growing practices. We include as much organic produce as possible in each delivery but due to seasonality and availability, some of the produce we include is conventionally grown.
What do you do with the extra food you have?
We have partnered with Bread of the Mighty where we donate all of our extra food each week. We also donate a portion of every purchase made amounting to 1 Meal donated for every 1 Meal purchased. Read more about this program we call Feeding Florida.
What ingredients do I need at home?
All you need is salt, pepper, and olive oil. We'll send you everything else!
What's included in each box?
We include everything you need to cook 2,3, or 4 complete meals. Our boxes include all the fresh ingredients you need in exactly the right proportions saving you prep time and reducing waste. You'll also receive beautiful recipe cards with step by step instructions for a delicious home cooked meal in about 30 minutes.
Are Chef Ami meals healthy?
Each meal contains between 400 - 700 calories on average and is designed to be well balanced, delicious, and healthy. Cooking with fresh ingredients not only makes your food taste great but it's more nutritious too. We make sure our weekly menu includes a healthy variety of ingredients and meal types to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
Where do your ingredients come from?
We only provide the highest quality ingredients to our customers. We source as much of our ingredients as possible from local Florida farmers with sustainable practices. Check out our Suppliers Page for more details.
How long will my ingredients stay fresh?
The food you receive is designed to stay fresh for the week you order it. We always recommend you cook fish & seafood first as to guarantee it is at its freshest. To see the official refrigeration storage times for meats please see
Do I need to wash the vegetables?
Yes, it is always recommended that you wash all of your vegetables prior to cooking them.
I don't cook much, are Chef Ami meals easy to cook?
We're here to help! Cooking can be a stressful and time consuming task. Finding a recipe, going to the store and having to purchase large quantities of expensive ingredients you may only use once or that will go bad in a few days... its wasteful and frustrating! The solution? Chef Ami, your friend in the kitchen! We bring you the sweet, savory satisfaction of making your own delicious home cooked meals while teaching you cool cooking techniques, saving you time, money, and eliminating wasted food.