We believe cooking should be fun!

We offer a convenient and healthy solution that will put delicious home cooked meals on your table without ever having to visit the supermarket.

My wife and I were fed up with the greasy take-outs, last minute runs to the over-crowded supermarket after work, and the same boring recipes we cooked every week. Finding the time to go shopping and cook wasn't just stressful and time consuming, it was virtually impossible.

Chef Ami was created for people just like us: busy individuals looking for a convenient and healthy solution to the question of "What's for dinner?".

By providing everything necessary to make quick, delicious meals at home, our customers find they're able to live a healthier lifestyle, reduce stress, and have more time to enjoy the things they really love.

No shopping. No planning. No stress.

Just healthy delicious meals!

With the help and guidance of master French chef Michel Maloiseau we spend hours researching recipes, test cooking them, and tweaking them until they're perfect. Before we approve any recipe we make sure it meets our requirements of being delicious, nutritious, easy to cook, and will only take about 3o minutes to prep and cook. Every week we pick a new three meal menu and include as many in season and locally grown ingredients as possible.

Locally grown, fresh, and high quality ingredients is what make the difference between a good meal and a great meal. When it comes to the quality of our ingredients we are meticulous and only purchase from local farmers and suppliers of the highest quality.

We invite you to give shopping a break and experience for yourself the joys and benefits of cooking with Chef Ami!

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